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The consequences of losing at a DMV hearing are severe:

Your 1st DUI

4 months to 1 year
of drivers license suspension

Your 2nd DUI

1 to 2 years
of drivers license suspension

Your 3rd DUI

1 to 3 years
of drivers license suspension

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If you need trusted legal advice to fight a San Diego DUI, you’ve come to the right place.

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Trial Proven Defense Strategies.

    You only have 10 days to request a DMV hearing before automatic license suspension, so get started now.

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    What Clients Say About Fernanda

    Francisco Munoz
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    “I contacted Attorney Fernanda for help with a DUI, but I received a second DUI before my first court date, and I was already on probation for a previous DUI. So I was expecting the worst. In total I had 3 charges, but she managed to solve all of them without me ever having to go to jail! I thank her very much.”
    Sharon R
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    "The best Criminal Defense attorney in San Diego, we are very happy with the deliberation of our case."
    Sergio G
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    "Fernanda Ezquerro did an amazing job with our case for a criminal offense charge. We had a favorable hearing."
    Ezquerro Law Group