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Criminal Law attorney in San Diego

A graduate of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law and practicing since 2014, attorney Fernanda Ezquerro is fully dedicated to her career, specializing in criminal defense and immigration.

In State Court, she has handled numerous cases involving petty theft, solicitation, vandalism, DUI’s, and possession. In Federal Court, she has worked on cases involving human trafficking, material witnesses, illegal entry, illegal re-entry, transportation of a controlled substance, importation of a controlled substance, and conspiracy. She also co-chaired a Federal trial involving conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

With a passion for justice and helping others, she is your best choice in and out of court, always accompanying her clients during the emotionally-difficult law process with transparency and professionalism.

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We specialize on criminal defense and immigration cases, such as DUI, border detentions, drug or firearm posession, etc.

Her and her team of attorneys are always up to serve and help people that need it the most, and bring justice to their cases, because we believe in integrity and second chances. Her practice is based in San Diego, CA.

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Fernanda Ezquerro Criminal Law Attorney.

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She studied Literature in UCLA and Law at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law.


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