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Being charged with a crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, is often a very difficult and scary situation to be faced with. Being convicted of any crime can carry with it a broad range of consequences. Some lesser crimes may result in only a fine or community service, whereas more significant crimes could result in spending the rest of someone’s life in prison, and in some states, even result in the death penalty. Many convictions can lead to ruining a person’s career and personal life. For all of these reasons, finding the best criminal defense attorney in San Diego is essential.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

Criminal defense attorneys know what to look for in their client’s case to lessen the charges they are facing, convince a jury their client isn’t guilty, or negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor. Criminal defense attorneys have been educated and trained to understand the nuances of the legal system and the differences between the various types of charges their clients are faced with. For example, although most people are familiar with the term DUI or driving under the influence, they are likely less familiar with the idea that there are different types of DUIs. An understanding of something as simple as that can make a big difference in the possible outcomes of the charges.

Additionally, some courts have alternatives to prison time for drug and alcohol-related offenses that instead include treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Not only can these alternatives keep someone out of prison, but if they are successful in the treatment program, it can also become a positive life-changing experience. Other important areas of criminal defense law are juvenile and federal crimes.

What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Just as in other professions, attorneys typically specialize in certain areas of law, even within different fields. Although criminal defense attorneys may occasionally handle cases in other areas of law, they should primarily work in criminal defense. Additionally, many criminal defense attorneys will be specialized in drug and alcohol-related offenses, sexual crimes, juvenile law, capital crimes, and so on

Other things to consider are education, years of experience, communication styles, and recommendations from friends or family. Peruse the websites of criminal defense attorneys. Often, attorneys will provide at least basic information about their educational background, their areas of practice, and possibly reviews from former clients. Their website should be free of significant spelling or grammar errors – everyone has the occasional typo, but it should be easy to note a professional appearance and tone. 

What Questions Should You Ask During a Consultation?

Usually, an attorney will begin with a consultation. This is the opportunity for both the attorney and client to determine if they will be a good fit to work together. Clients should ask the potential attorney several questions about their experience as an attorney, including how much experience they have with the client’s case type. The client should ask about plea agreements, trial experience, and potential strategies, although also keeping in mind that every case is different. This is also an opportunity to discuss potential conflicts the attorney might have, fee arrangements, and other important aspects of the attorney-client relationship. 

Final Words

An experienced criminal defense attorney can make a huge impact on a client’s case outcome. Although no attorney can predict the future, experience and knowledge help attorneys make educated judgments about the possibilities for each case they handle. The best criminal defense attorneys can negotiate plea agreements when it is appropriate, have needed trial experience, and understand the legal system in a way that their clients cannot on their own.



A graduate of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law and practicing since 2014, attorney Fernanda Ezquerro is fully dedicated to her career, specializing in criminal defense and immigration.

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