How to Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

how to find a criminal defense lawyer

Once charged with a criminal offense, your best chance for a reasonably positive outcome is to hire a criminal defense lawyer. A good criminal defense lawyer can make the difference between a lengthy prison sentence and a suspended sentence, or between being convicted or found not guilty, as well as a myriad of other options … Read more

How Long Do You Stay in Jail for a Warrant for Missing Court?

how long do you stay in jail for a warrant for missing court

Did you know that simply missing a court date can land you in jail? Paying attention to scheduled court appearances is very important, regardless of the reason you’re supposed to appear in court. Whether you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, fail to report for jury duty, or have been subpoenaed to appear as a … Read more

How Much Do Lawyers Charge for Felonies?

how much do lawyers charge for felonies

Being charged with a criminal felony is scary. Depending on the charge, the consequences if found guilty can include significant fines and prison time. Obviously, finding a good attorney is extremely important for a situation like this, but the cost is also daunting. You’ve probably heard stories from people you know about how much lawyers … Read more

Best Criminal Defense Attorney San Diego

criminal defense attorney

Being charged with a crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, is often a very difficult and scary situation to be faced with. Being convicted of any crime can carry with it a broad range of consequences. Some lesser crimes may result in only a fine or community service, whereas more significant crimes … Read more

What You Can Expect from the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer?

criminal defense lawyer

Did you know that lawyers may practice different types of law or they may specialize in a narrow field? For example, some attorneys may practice both criminal and civil law, such as criminal misdemeanors and divorce cases. Others may only practice in civil injury or criminal felony areas. One thing that remains true across all … Read more

DUI Dismissed Stories

dui dismissed stories

Many people find themselves with a DUI at some point in their lives. Sometimes the best choice is to work out a plea deal with the prosecutor, but at other times it may be best to actually fight the charge and find yourself with a not guilty. Depending on the state you were charged in, … Read more

How to Defend Yourself in Court Against False Accusations

how to defend yourself in court against false accusations

Have you been accused of something you didn’t do? Maybe it was a complete misunderstanding or perhaps it is an outright lie. Either way, it is difficult to defend yourself. Why? The legal system can be quite complex, especially if you’ve been falsely accused of something. If you don’t defend yourself well, you could end … Read more

How Much Does a Good Criminal Defense Attorney Cost?

Criminal Defense Attorney Cost

Whether for a simple misdemeanor or a complicated felony charge, it is a good idea to obtain the services of a good criminal defense attorney. Attorneys know the law and may be able to work out a reasonable solution with the prosecutor without the need for a lengthy or costly trial. Criminal defense attorneys typically … Read more

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